Government Transparency

Government departments over the past decade have been more and more releasing data they capture to the public and other agencies. This has been great for companies and developers who can access the API's or process the CSV data that gets released, however, this leaves out a large proportion of the population for whom the data is also being published.


Open data is giving government the transparency that it desires, but what is actually happening is that a dump of data is just left there waiting for someone to use it, however, the average user does not have the necessary skills to open it let alone make sense of it and use it for some actionable purpose. Data must be consumable by the general public so that they can use it efficiently just for interest or if they are looking to prove their cause.

Feedback Loop

A secondary issue with this model is that after the data is published, the government departments that published it have no idea what it has been used for. They may be spending tens of thousands of pounds to generate the data, but no one uses that part of it. The logical conclusion of this is that they cannot use this as a feedback loop for actions they are taking, if the general public are querying a section of the data then it would be good to look into why they are looking for that data, and possibly take actions to improve a situation. A reduction in that interest would indicate success in whatever actions they were taking.


We are building a chat bot that can interact with data, allowing the average citizen to inspect the data with the best business intelligence tool available, their normal spoken language. Asking questions of the data and ultimately having a list of responses that are automatically built into a dashboard by the system. This gives them a bespoke dashboard, but just for them with the info they are looking for.

We're in the early stages of development, but stay tuned for more updates.