Property Managed

Application to manage rental properties from certificates, work orders and even finance

Designed and built all aspects of property managed. Started building out of a need for such a product and use it myself for managing some rental properties.

  • MANAGE GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATES - Manage your gas safety certificate expiry dates.
  • MANAGE INSURANCE CERTIFICATES - Manage your insurance certificates, monitoring for expiry dates.
  • TENANT PAYMENTS - Record and monitor your tenants' rent payments
  • WORK ORDERS - Manage maintenance tasks and work that needs to be carried out, along with the associated costs.
  • LOCAL PROPERTY INSIGHTS - See other local property for rent of the same type and check against an average rent.
  • LANDLORD INSPECTION - Check when you next need to do an inspection for a property
  • MONITOR FIRE/SMOKE ALARMS - Record installing and monitor expiry of smoke and fire alarms.
  • PROFITABILITY - Keep track of your finances for a property including mortgage, insurance, maintenance, rent payments.
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS - Get notified when something needs your attention and when things expire
  • SMS NOTIFICATIONS - Communicate with your tenants or clients via sms
  • FREEAGENT INTEGRATION - Integrate with your finances on the FreeAgent platform
  • TENANT MANAGEMENT - Manage your tenant contact details, entry exit dates
  • NEIGHBOUR CONTACT DETAILS - Record details of neighbours to make contacting them easy.
  • EXPENSES REPORTING - Easily export your expenses
  • POWER TEAM CONTACTS - Create your power team of trade contacts
  • REPORT EMAILS - Get weekly or monthly report emails to keep you up-to-date with your properties.
  • TENANT ONLINE PAYMENTS - Allow tenants to set up direct debits and card payments online for rent.
  • TENANT LOGIN - Allow your tenants to login and monitor their account, log issues and messages.
  • RECORD METER READINGS - Record your meter readings for your properties
  • INVOICING - Generate invoices for your clients.
  • LIVE CHAT - Allow your clients and tenants to chat in real time with you
  • NOTICES - Create articles to notify tenants and clients of changes.
  • UNIFIED COMMUNICATION - Record all communication in one place
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING - Measure and record environmental readings from your properties


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Backend Workers
  • Mysql
  • Docker